Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seamless Propositions

Since my inbox is constantly inundated with e-mail blasts from retailers, it takes a lot for me to even open one. However, an enticing subject line often does the trick.

That said, I love this one I got recently from SeamlessWeb: "We Miss Making Your Life Easier." How nice is that? A quick write-up (with news that they now distribute exclusive discounts through its blog, twitter and Facebook pages) also sucked me in with its relevant messaging. Maybe Seamless Web won't get the boot from my inbox next time after all.

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Dan said...

Yeah email blasts are taking over the world. This isnt a shameless plug but there's a site that is aiming to subvert your useless email tally by sending you info only on your favourite brands...the ones who's rewards or perks programs you are a member of...www.perkler.com

At Perkler you can list all of your programs, from the smallest coffee card up to your national retailers and their credit cards, and get all of their perks and specials, searchable by likes and location...in one online space.

Perkler is currently in beta and targetted to the Australian market, but we are rapidly expanding our database for US retailers etc and will be fully operational in around 6 weeks.

Come and check it out.