Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Speaking of E-Blasts

I love that New York & Co. uses the phrase"Cyber Monday" in its latest e-mail marketing campaign. Although the term is becoming more of a retail-industry staple each year, consumers are still learning that the Monday after Thanksgiving is essentially the Black Friday of the online world. Smart retailers like New York & Co. are taking the initiative to tell its shoppers the name of one of the most busiest online-shopping days of the year. The retailer offers consumers 30% off until Cyber Monday, and then tells them when it is: Dec. 1. So if consumers don't know what "Cyber Monday" is, they do now.

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Valerie Kusler said...

NY&Co, in my opinion, sends out wayyy too many e-blasts. I love getting deals from them, but they're so obnoxious that I nearly delete them every time they come in-- and because they come in so frequently, it almost seems like it's not even really notable deal at all! Retailers need to learn where to draw the line with email marketing. And you're right-- I think consumers are still learning about Cyber Monday-- and maybe it's because I'm surrounded by it all day at work, but I certainly think this year they should be catching on!