Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zappos 101

I recently blogged about how companies can learn a lot from Zappos.com. And now, they can for a small fee.

Zappos is rolling out a subscription video service called Zappos Insights that allows companies to ask questions to actual Zappos employees about how the retailer conducts business. It will charge $39.95 per month for subscriptions.

I’m sure companies will tap Zappos as a resource for tips on how to enhance business strategies and fine-tune corporate cultures, but I also hope they learn a thing or two about appealing to the Gen Y crowd. From reaching customers through social-networking sites to even hiring candidates through Jobvite.com, Zappos is ahead of the game when it comes to talking to Gen Y.

Not only can some companies learn how to do better business, many could also use a crash course in speaking the language of the younger generation.

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Tyler said...

Really a nice post on Zappos Insights.!!