Friday, August 7, 2009

Kenneth Cole steps into midtown Manhattan

I've never seen more women in my life than I did this morning during the launch of Kenneth Cole's latest footwear collection at his Rockefeller Center store in New York City. To promote his new 925 Technology silver edition collection, the designer was signing his products for anyone brave enough to face the lengthy line.

Some customers pre-ordered their products up to a month in advance, while others shopped the store this morning before meeting Kenneth Cole. And let me tell you, you'd never know we're in a recession by the way these ladies were shopping.

To pacify those in waiting, the store hired water boys to give out free bottles and coffee. Meanwhile, Cole greeted his fans warmly with hugs and personalized autographed notes, such as "Watch your step!" and "Thanks for the support and awareness."

After meeting the designer, fans were delighted to receive a polaroid snap shot of their meet and greet.

That's me in the picture above. (Ain't it nice they let press cut the line?) Although Cole told me he doesn't have other appearance events planned in other cities yet, it's something he'd consider. "It's been such a success so far," he said.

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