Monday, April 27, 2009

Unfried KFC: The giveaway wars continue

Is it just me or does every restaurant chain seem to be running giveaway promotions these days? Riding on the heels of the Dunkin’ Donuts and Ben & Jerry’s promo last week, KFC is inviting consumers in stores today for a free piece of its new Kentucky Grilled Chicken. It’s a smart way to get loyal customers to try the new product, while other consumers (perhaps even those more health conscious?) will also be lured in for a taste test.

P.S. - There's a Facebook group called “Petition to Get KFC to Deliver to Your Door!!!!!!!!” (Yes, there are actually eight exclamation points). It also has nearly 330,000 members and 4,500 wall posts discussing how consumers want their KFC delivered. I wonder if KFC is listening.

For those not on Facebook, check out the petition site here.

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