Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some of the coolest sites you'll see all year

The Webby nominees have been announced! Here are the Top 5 contenders in the retail category this year. They're are all pretty great. Who should win? Vote using the poll on your right!

1. IKEA: Come into the closet. Let's Dance.

To promote IKEA's wardrobe solutions, this innovative and interactive site features five IKEA-designed rooms occupied by people who dance to the stimulus of music, rhythm or just noise. Users can change songs, upload their own music, turn their keyboard into a drum machine, or sing, shout and clap into their microphone. Agency: Forsman & Bodenforsm, http://demo.fb.se/e/ikea/letsdance (watch the demo!)

2. Rich & Skinny Jeans

Rich & Skinny Jeans is a company with a bold new vision for how commerce will be re-defined in the digital age. The site gives users a glimpse into the lifestyle of the "rich and skinny" by telling a unique story (with video) that unfolds as you click throughout the site. Agency: iNDELIBLE Media Corp, http://www.richandskinnyjeans.com


The NikeiD experience has been redesigned so that the product is now the interface. Users can design footwear by clicking on any part of the shoe, and new technology allows users to get closer to it than before. Consumers can also search through user-generated ideas or share their own creation with other shoppers. Agency: R/GA, http://www.rga.com/award/nikeid.html

4. Levi's Lady Style 2008

This futuristic site is all about mastering jean cut and proportion. Users can navigate through different "triangle" dimensions (the triangle form is used a metaphor to represent two of the season’s hottest shapes). It also allows shoppers to see fits from every angle. Agency: Ogilvy Singapore, http://www.our-work.com/levis/lls08/

5. The Brave New World, Cipher Sneakers

Cipher Sneakers is an alternative shoe brand that gives a modern spin on a classic concept. The sleek site evokes the same feeling: Its text space is used for clever and engaging copy, and its Web tools (such as its innovative take on the zoom feature) are anything but old hat. Agency: CIPHER / WHITESPACE, http://www.cipherism.com

The 13th Annual Webby Awards Gala will be hosted again in New York City by SNL's Seth Meyers in June. Vote on the official Webby site here.

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