Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm tired: Let's talk about e-mail fatigue

I've become numb to New York & Co.'s e-mail campaigns. The retailer could be sending the most riveting messaging out there, but I wouldn't know: I delete practically every e-mail I receive from them. Not only is the frequency just TOO MUCH (every day), the messaging in each one is very similar:

Tuesday's subject headline: A toast to mom!

Wednesday's subject headline: The energizer mommy...

Thursday's subject headline: The mother of all sales...

Friday's subject headline: For the model mother...

Can't we just combine the messaging into one or two blockbuster e-mails? We get it. New York & Co. is running a Mother's Day sale. Now, enough with the clutter.

PS - I'm sure I got an e-mail from them on Monday too, but it seems as though I already deleted it.

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