Monday, April 5, 2010

Domino's steps it up

A few months back, Domino's launched a big marketing push to change its image, the taste of its pizza, and ultimately throw down against rival Papa John's. Mostly everyone I know who's tried the new recipe has had something good to say about it. Curious to see how it stacked up, I ordered a late-night pie. Not only was it much better than I remembered, the online ordering process was one of the most enjoyable Web experiences I've come across in awhile.

First you build your pizza by selecting size, crust preferences and toppings. After decorating your dinner and then placing your order, a confirmation page appears to keep you up to date on the pizza's progress -- it tells you when it's being prepped (and in my case, that someone named Sean was making it), when it leaves the store and it's estimated time of arrival. The quirky and playful language used throughout the site is another reminder how hard the chain is trying to stay fun, relevant and modern.

But it's all packaged perfectly -- from start to finish, the experience was seamless and in the end, the pizza was pretty decent. Kudos for Domino's for not only revisiting its pizza recipe, but also it's Web experience. I'm sure I'll decorate another late-night pizza sometime again soon.

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