Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stalkers wanted

Like so many of you, it often takes me awhile to go through my crowded inbox. Plus, sometimes companies send such boring emails that it's a struggle just to get through them. Before today, I never heard of a company called LearnSomething Inc. -- a Tallahassee-based e-solution company serving the pharmacy, healthcare and supermarket industries -- but it got my attention earlier when it "cordially invited" via email me to start stalking them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

My initial thought? Don't mind if I do...

With so many companies on social networking sites these days, it's hard to draw attention to your e-media initiatives. But what I love about this email blast from LearnSomething is that it 1) told me in a cute, clever way where to find them online; 2) provided all of the links to do so right in the email; and 3) avoided using overused language -- such as "Follow us on Twitter!" -- and instead invited me to "stalk" them.

Stalking is actually the perfect word to use when it comes to sites like Facebook and Twitter. It shows me that LearnSomething knows a thing or two about social media.

Okay, so it's probably too cheesy to suggest you learn something from LearnSomething, but hey, if you haven't already, consider sending your core audience a clever message like this one to connect them to your company's social networking pages. They might not even know where to find you, so grab their attention and point them in the right direction.

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