Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Apple, Anywhere

This past weekend, while I was passing through the Indianapolis International Airport, I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted a kiosk unit that offered a range of Apple products, including headphones, adapters and even iPods. I watched the kiosk for a few minutes and noticed it repeatedly attracted attention from on-the-go travelers. The guy in the image above bought a portable iPhone charger, an investment I could actually use myself.

Many retailers make big mistakes that keep self-service units underused. A kiosk, whether it’s a gift registry, product locator, vending machine or photo unit, has to be inviting to consumers. And it takes many steps to make a kiosk program successful or it will just sit, sad and lonely, taking up space. Usually, it’s something as simple as the placement of a kiosk that can make or break its success.

But here, Apple got it right: Put highly sought-after products in a heavily trafficked spot. Travelers get great use out of the items, while the sleek unit does a lot for Apple branding. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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