Monday, February 9, 2009

Get Your Face On

Not on Facebook yet? A new article on offers helpful tips on how to get your business up on Facebook and how to make the most of that online presence. Here are some features the article suggests to take advantage of:

* Discussion Boards: Enable members to get their ideas out into the open. Discussion boards let you know exactly what your fans and customers think and want.
* Events: Organize gatherings or let people know about your upcoming business events.
* Information: Manage settings for the Information application.
* Notes: Share your business news, or engage members through written entries.
* Photos: Upload photos to your page and allow users to share photos on your page also.
* Reviews: Customers can leave honest opinions about your business.
* Video: Provide a high-quality video platform for pages on Facebook.
* Wall: The Wall is an open forum for members to leave comments, thoughts, and ideas about you on your Page or Profile.

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