Monday, February 9, 2009

A Virtual Shopping Concierge

I am completely impressed by Lucky Magazine’s new shopping tool app for the iPhone. Lucky at Your Service, developed by Mountain View, Calif.-based NearbyNow, features more than 70 shoes listed in its March shoe guide (including those of advertisers), and lets shoppers browse by type of shoe, brand, color or size.

But here is where it gets even more interesting: Once a shoe is selected, the application will geo-locate where you are via its GPS technology and then provide a list of stores in the area that have it available. You can then click through to see if the style and size are in stock, and even follow the prompts to put the item on hold.

It’s innovative and smart technology like this that provides a glimpse into how mobile commerce will truly shape, influence and change the way we all shop in the future.

Although the magazine only has items from its March issue available right now on the app, it plans to expand its product repertoire in the future as new issues hit stands.

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