Friday, March 27, 2009

Barbie's dream store

Mattel has opened its first-ever Barbie flagship, a fuchsia-inspired 40,000–sq.–ft. destination space in Shanghai, China. The new location offers the world's largest assortment of Barbie dolls and related products, along with a range of services and attractions, from a café with Barbie-inspired refreshments to a design center where girls can create their own Barbie fashions.

Sales of Barbie have been slipping even faster than the company's recession-hit revenue, dropping 21% in the fourth quarter compared with an 11% slide in total company sales. Will the store and its new concepts help the toymaker bounce back amid the struggling economy and against tough competition from edgier dolls, video games and electronic toys?

Check out more photos of the beautifully designed space here.

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