Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Give them Facebook, and they will come

I ALWAYS see shoppers at computer stations logged in to Facebook when I'm in the Apple Store near Central Park in Manhattan. And since the location is situated right in the middle of a tourist mecca, people just love that they can access Facebook (and their e-mail) for free, whenever they want. So, they come in, spend a little time with Apple (even update their Facebook status that they are in the Apple Store), and then leave happy.

That got me thinking: Why don't more retailers offer free computer use? And I don’t mean computers that only allow shoppers to search the retailer’s site. More merchants should offer free-range, all-purpose computer use to keep more people in their stores.

Consider making your retail stores a destination spot where shoppers can relax, social network and spend a little time with your brand. Trust me, if you give shoppers Facebook, they may even stay all day.

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