Monday, March 9, 2009 throws the baby out with the bath water

Circuit City may have closed up shop for good yesterday, but the retailer shut down its site way back in January. Now, in a similar move, bankrupt retailer Fortunoff is pushing its entire inventory, worth $210,000,000, out of its doors, but it isn't using its site to help get rid of inventory. informs online shoppers of its liquidation sale in big, bold lettering, which is much more engaging than's previous Web announcement, but the company prevents online consumers from browsing merchandise and placing orders directly on the site.

To be more blunt, the company is just throwing away a sophisticated e-commerce set up that could help sell inventory quickly online. Again, I hope this is not because the company is underestimating the power of the Web.

I'm lost: Can someone explain this trend to me?

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Anonymous said...

I am boggled by this as well. I tried to order something I know they have in-store, even over the phone, and they will not ship it.

My guess is that since all the corporate employees are gone, there is nobody left to oversee fulfillment from the warehouse, so they are just pushing it all out to the stores. Unfortunate, as I live in a different state and can't get there physically - but I know the quality of what is available! I am greatly saddened with how all of this went down.