Wednesday, July 29, 2009 sets up shop on Facebook is opening up the first Facebook retail store, allowing consumers a chance to shop for products directly through the social networking site, according to the Associated Press. Is this the next step for retailers on Facebook? Possibly so.

Since the company gets the majority of its orders online, it feels that mobile applications and the Facebook store are a natural step. The company launched an application for the BlackBerry last fall, and one for the iPhone followed shortly after.

Of course, the company still faces a few challenges. It's hard to find its fan page on Facebook unless you remember to include the hyphens and the ".com." said it is aware of the problem. However, Facebook would have to change its search capabilities in order to fix it. Once you get to the page, however, the purchase process is relatively seamless.

There are roughly 300,000 active fan pages on Facebook for businesses ranging from Target to McDonald's, but this is the first time consumers can make a purchase from a retailer directly on the social networking site.

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Jaclyn said...

1-800-Flowers leads the way in this type of ventures. Now its so easy to get flowers through the social networking site.