Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Best Buy looking for converts

Best Buy is gearing up to use Twitter to enhance its customer-service levels, according to a report in TransWorldNews.

The retailer said it will launch the program on July 19, when it will begin searching out and answering consumer Twitter posts, called “tweets,” that express a need for information about electronic goods.

More than 500 Best Buy employees will reportedly participate in the new Twitter customer-service program. According to the company’s CMO Barry Judge, Best Buy hopes to convert information-seekers to paying customers.

Kmart, Pizza Hut and Walmart already use Twitter to run promotions and increase consumer awareness, but Best Buy is actively seeking out Twitter users who show an interest in consumer electronics and trying to convert them into customers. Reportedly, this is a first for the industry.

Interesting idea, right? (Finding potential shoppers rather than waiting for them to come to you). Think it will work?

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