Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NYC theater targets the Bullseye

A few years back, the Chain Store Age team took an after-hours field trip to see the off-Broadway show Wal-Martopia. (Read our review here). But now Target Corp. was recently targeted in a scathing New York City theatrical production, "Behind the Bullseye," about the retailer's presence in Brooklyn. (It's off-off Broadway).

Here's what Time Out New York had to say:

[The show] portrays employees and patrons as late-capitalist zombies whose love of shopping and neatly organized shelves morphs into grotesque pagan worship. The deadpan delivery and stylized movement is cute for perhaps ten sketch-comedy minutes, but it conveys no information that would dissuade me from shopping at Target in the future.

After a short run (nearly two weeks after its July 1 start), it wrapped up its final show last weekend. It's too bad, I wanted to see it , especially since it was only a few blocks from my apartment. But then again, according to most reviews, it's probably a few blocks too far anyway.

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