Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pizza Ploys

Companies are testing new ways to reach tech-savvy consumers, and all of a sudden it seems like it’s the pizza chains that are taking a giant leap forward.

Pizza Hut is targeting Facebook members with an application that allows members to order a pizza directly from its Facebook page (the page has well over 500,000 fans). Meanwhile, Papa John's has embraced a text-by-order campaign on its site and Domino’s takes orders through TiVo.

Although some might argue that ordering a pizza in such a fashion may complicate placing a simple order (why not just pick up the phone?), this approach is indeed a smart one: Companies are catching the attention of consumers in places where they already spend time, whether it's on social-networking sites or in front of the TV.

The chains’ accessibility through these new channels is a fine blend of convenience and innovation, but I wonder if I'll actually remember these options the next time I want pizza from a chain. If a campaign catches me at the right time, though, maybe I will ... at least for curiosity's sake.

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