Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet Valentine's Day Initiatives

Retail marketers always look for ways to win the hearts of consumers around Valentine’s Day, and now that social media is officially in full bloom, it’s important for them not to overlook the thriving channel.

According to an article on, online retailer ThinkGeek was able to use YouTube last year to reap record-breaking sales around the holiday.

After posting a quirky video as a part of a promotion for one of its Valentine’s Day items, (an 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt), the clip was watched nearly 250,000 times and sales ultimately climbed. ThinkGeek plans to reach out to more social-media sites in the days leading up to Feb. 14. Here’s why:

"Social-media techniques provide online retailers new, effective avenues for promoting their products," Caroline Offutt, VP and general manager of ThinkGeek, told "And this year, we've grown our blog and Twitter feed significantly, giving us new ways to promote our Valentine's Day products in a fun, geeky sort of way."

Check out how more retailers plan to market Valentine’s Day thanks to Web 2.0 technology here.

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