Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trading Friendship for Whoppers

Would you get rid of 10 friends in exchange for a Burger King Whopper?

Many young consumers are jumping on this incentive via a Facebook promotion that allows members to eliminate 10 friends for the prize of a free Whopper. Now, keep in mind, Whoppers usually go for less than $2.00 anyway, which values the worth of an online friend at less than 20 cents a person.

The promotion is creating a quite the stir, and that's exactly what Burger King wants. Last weekend, for example, a few friends and I sat around to watch the Eagles/Giants game (I left as a happy Eagles fan), when someone brought up the Burger King promotion during a commercial break. Some thought the concept was hilarious, while others were insulted that they could potentially be de-friended in exchange for a mere hamburger.

Still, it's a huge win for Burger King as the company once again creates an engaging conversation-starter among the Gen Y crowd (see the "Simpsonize Me" reference in the previous post). It's putting the burger chain back on our radar with a hot, quirky and relevant topic for the Facebook generation to discuss.

I don't think 10 of my Facebook friends will get the boot in exchange for a meal, but perhaps I should reconsider -- I mean, hey, we are in a recession.

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